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Why White Ribbon accreditation could mean the end of Manchester’s strip clubs

As part of its bid to develop a new strategy to stop gender-based abuse including violence against women and girls, Greater Manchester Combined Authority are currently seeking re-accreditation with the ‘White Ribbon’ organisation.

White Ribbon are run entirely by men. They claim to want to tackle violence against women and girls, but they are anti-sex worker.

The campaign has stated that in order for an organisation to receive their accreditation, it must introduce a ban on strip clubs.

So it is very worrying for the stripper community that Manchester council is seeking this accreditation.

There isn’t any solid research or police evidence linking strip clubs and violence against women and girls, or disruption in the local community. If you check here and here, you'll see statistics from the police that show there isn't a link between strip clubs and violent crime levels around them. (Check back soon for more blog entries on this topic.)

Meanwhile banning strip clubs often ends up equating to violence against the very group White Ribbon say they are trying to protect.

What you can do to help

  • Respond to Manchester’s Gender Abuse Strategy (where they state plans to engage with White Ribbon). Use the 'other comments' box to demand that they do not seek White Ribbon Accreditation as White Ribbon are anti-sex worker and want to close down safe places for strippers to work. (Deadline is Sunday 1 August 2021 23:59)

  • Email/tweet your MP, Greater Manchester Combined Authority - or the local council where you live - explaining that White Ribbon are harmful to sex workers, and the council should avoid seeking accreditation with them for the sake of the sex worker community (who might also be your friends, family, neighbours etc, although you might not realise it.)

  • Engage with White Ribbon and explain that it's important to rethink some of the common misconceptions about strip clubs that are often based on myth or on now-discredited research.

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