Everyone's opinion deserves to be heard.


Whilst templates can be useful for people who do not feel that writing is their strong point, they are often discarded by government officials and the people who are fighting to take away our rights.


We do not want to give anyone a reason to discard your valid and important experiences. If you do not feel confident in your writing ability, please do not let this put you off!  If you would like to send in your statement for proof reading please email us and we will send it back to you edited within four business days. 



The following guide gives of some things you might like to cover when writing to your MP:

On a personal level, if you are a dancer or other strip club worker: 


  • Your own experiences and how SEVs have supported you in achieving your goals, having a job you enjoy and how safety precautions are taken at SEVS making it one of the safer forms of sex work.

  • What you consider to be personal benefits of SEVs staying open and the repercussions that would personally affect you if they were to shut 

  • Perhaps even a positive anecdote to example positivity towards SEVS

On a personal level, if you are a customer: ​

  • What you consider to be personal benefits of SEVs staying open and the repercussions that would personally affect you if they were to shut 

  • What you have observed in terms of behaviour in and around these venues

On a personal level, if you are an ally: 

  • You can talk about the importance of preserving individual freedoms and rights when attending and working in strip clubs is a consensual and legal activity 

  • You can talk about even if you aren't a regular customer, you don't see them doing any harm to the rest of society


The bigger picture: 


  • Shutting SEVS suggests demonises the sex work industry and suggests there is something wrong with dancing. This is harmful to the entire sex work community and adds to the stigma, isolation and shame that can often be felt by those who work in the industry due to the poor public perception of sex workers. 

  • There has been a huge rise in other forms of sex work as a result of SEVS being shut over the pandemic. This suggests that shutting SEVS will not give the outcome you desire to achieve by prohibiting our rights but that it will push people into other forms of sex work that they lack a passion for, when we could quite easily do a job we already have and enjoy. 

  • Shutting SEVS has a negative impact on the finances and mental health of everyone working within them. The UK has seen disastrous economic downfalls regarding employment and people’s earnings and shutting down SEVS only adds to this problem.

  • Shutting SEVs is prohibiting the rights of the women who work within them to have a say in what they choose to do for work. Shutting SEVS will cause an increase in poverty, unemployment and there are far reaching ramifications which will result in a lack of ability to earn an independent income for many women.

  • Evidence suggests there is a direct correlation between SEVs being shut and an increase in violence towards women.

  • The interactions between customer and dancer in an SEV are often misunderstood by people who do not frequent them. Many regular customers talk of the mental health benefits and would reject any connection or involvement in violence against anyone especially women and girls.

Debunking the myths surrounding SEVS: 


  • There is no evidence that suggests SEVS being open has any impact on the safety of young people or children. Strip clubs are strictly for the purposes of adult entertainment. Many mothers find working in SEVs to be a flexible approach to working whilst caring for their loved ones and losing this right to work would mean being pushed into jobs which may not allow such flexibility. Many women would have to work in jobs for more hours in less controlled environments. This is more harmful to families with children and young people in them than allowing mothers to keep their jobs. 

  • There is no evidence to suggest SEVS have any impact on the increase of crime or instances of public nuisance. SEVs are an indoor space subject to strict rules and regulations. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that SEVs have any impact on public safety and claims that suggest so are not factual and are perpetuated to demonising to the sex work community. 

  • The suggestion that SEVs should be kept a certain distance from ‘sensitive premises’ creates a stigma which suggests SEVs are a threat to the community. The sex work community already have an extremely difficult time in getting support within their community and this ideology only adds to the stigma preventing sex workers from getting support.  It is also based on a premise that sex workers and their customers are 'other' when in fact they are friends, family, neighbours and co-workers.